Dentist Whiteboard

Denterprise is in the digital dental business and so are you!

As the co-inventor of the Intraoral camera (1989), we spearheaded a similar partnership with dental labs to introduce practice building tools to dentists in the 1990’s. Result? Over 100,000 practices have one or more of these “magic wands”.

Today, the magic wand is the Intra oral scanner and the Digital shade analyzer. These two products are the vehicles that brings your practice digital, streamlining your workflow up to 60%, with higher accuracy than current methods, reducing lab costs and eliminating costly re-work.

Let’s talk about 3D Scanning first, In today’s world, Intraoral scanning is becoming a requirement. Intraoral scanners and digital shade analyzers create seamless and harmonious communications between patients, dentists and labs.

According to a late 2015 survey released by the National Association of Dental Laboratories (NADL) there has been a decrease in dental laboratories of nearly 40% since 2006 a change from 12,250 to 7,732 . Another 3.5% is expected this year dropping the total less than 7500. While digital dentistry is not the culprit, going digital is streamlining the industry, creating new opportunities to acquire new clients, and increase your revenue stream.